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Jefferson County Schools Louisville, Ky

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 We, representatives of the above listed business, agree to offer a discount to JCPS employees on the goods and/or services provided by our company.  We acknowledge we are aware this discount will be offered to all JCPS employees and that it can be terminated at any time by either us or Jefferson County Public Schools.

 We understand as representatives of the above listed business, we are responsible for keeping the discount information up to date and making any changes to the discount information through the JCPS Plus online portal.  We understand that we will be required to update the discount information at least once annually and that failure to do so could result in removal of our discount from the JCPS Plus website.

 We understand it is against Jefferson County Board of Education policy for a business to contact JCPS employees without their consent and that failure to abide by this policy could result in termination of our participation in the JCPS Plus program.