Jefferson County Public Schools Louisville, Kentucky
Jefferson County Schools Louisville, Ky

United Mortgage, LLC
$750 Dollar Credit Towards Your Closing Costs - No Up-Front Fees For JCPS Employees

We know how hard JCPS employees work every day. That is why we are proud to offer you a credit of up to $2,000 dollars towards your closing costs. We also won't charge you any up-front fees. Please contact Joe Hohman when you are ready to buy or refinance your home. Joe Hohman is a proud JCPS graduate and currently has children enrolled in JCPS schools. We have done many mortgages for JCPS employees and have references available to you upon request. Reach out to someone in your community that you can trust. Please note that you can apply for a mortgage at (please mention this offer). If you would like to call or e-mail then contact Joe Hohman at 502.931.9851 or