Jefferson County Public Schools Louisville, Kentucky
Jefferson County Schools Louisville, Ky

AAA Roadside Assistance
Discount offer for Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance - Call the number listed below to sign up. This pricing is not available anywhere else.

 Get the Classic Membership for $40 for TWO people – Regular price is $89!!!!! Offer valid for new members only.   The membership follows you in any vehicle you are in, even if you are not the driver!  Pricing good only for OH, PA, WV, and KY employees in select counties


NEW MEMBER discounted rates for employees:  Pricing gives you 14 months of coverage

# of                       Classic Service                    Plus Service                       Premier Service          

Members               3 miles towing                     100 miles towing                200 miles towing (one tow, rest at 100 miles) 

1                                  $40                                        $56                                   $91                            

2                                  $40                                        $83                                   $118                         

3                                  $68                                        $120                                 $155                         

4                                  $96                                        $157                                 $192                         


Regular Price Member Cost:  Pricing gives you 12 months of coverage

# of                             Classic Service                    Plus Service                                  Premier Service           

Members                      3 miles towing                 100 miles towing                         200 miles towing   (one tow, rest at 100 miles)     

1                                         $61                                  $95                                                   $130                           

2                                         $89                                  $132                                                 $167                          

3                                         $117                                 $169                                                 $204                         

4                                         $145                                 $206                                                 $241                         



You are set up on auto pay to get this price.  Beside roadside assistance, you get FREE identity theft monitoring and discounts stores, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, and many everyday items at retailers just for showing your card!  Also, ask about a $150 offer to get our cash back credit card! FREE discounted auto, home, and life insurance available to all employees.  Offer not valid in the branch or through the 1-800 #.  Offer only available in select Ohio counties, please call or email for details.  Offer only available by calling the number below:


Cindy Piascik                                216-644-2988