JCPS Employees Serving as Mentoring Teachers

Mentor Login

​Thank you for agreeing to serve as a mentor for teacher candidates. Prior to student teacher placement, a cooperating teacher shall:

  1. Complete Part A training: Basic Responsibilities of a cooperating teacher (16 KAR 5:040, Section 1(3)(a) and Section 4(4)(a)). 16 KAR 5:040, requires cooperating teachers to complete a training on the basic responsibilities of a cooperating teacher/university supervisor. Part A of this training is provided by the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness (OELE) through an online assessment. Beginning July 1, 2019 Cooperating Teacher Part A training will be offered through iDrive Digital and will no longer be available on Edmodo. Each cooperating teacher is required to complete the assessment with a score of 15/15 before supervising a student teacher. Please refer to the directions below for making an iDrive Digital account and accessing the P-12 Co-Teaching Training. For questions or assistance, please email or if you have any questions related to iDrive Digital:

    iDrive Digital

    Additional Resources:

    Click here for directions on making an iDrive Digital account

    Click here for the 16 KAR 5:040 Text and Explanation document

    Please note: If you already have passed the Part A training in Edmodo you do not need to retake the assessment in iDrive Digital.

  2. Complete Part B training: Best practice in supporting a student teacher “Co-Teaching Training” (16 KAR 5:040, Section 1(3)(b) and Section 4(4)(b)). Part B will be provided by an educator preparation provided (EPP) or by the Division of Educator Preparation, Assessment and Internship: Cooperating Teacher Training – Part B . After completion of the video: You must send an email to the coordinator at the university with which you are associated with the information requested below. Contact information for the coordinator can be found at: Your message must include both:

    • a statement verifying that you have reviewed all the material in the training module. The statement may be as simple as: “I am writing to verify that I have reviewed all the material in this training module”.
    • a brief narrative describing at least one idea gleaned from the training module to use when supervising student teachers.

    Please note: Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a certificate from the EPP coordinator with whom you are associated.

    The Part B training shall include the following components:

    1. basic responsibilities of the cooperating teacher
    2. best practices in supporting the student teacher
    3. effective assessment of the student teacher
  3. Register in the JCPS Student Teacher/Field Experience Tracking System and create a profile.

  4. Complete Part C training: Effective assessment of the student teacher (16 KAR 5:040, Section 1(3)(c) and Section 4(4)(c)). Part C is provided by each EPP. The student teacher’s EPP will provide the appropriate materials for this training.