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Jefferson County Schools Louisville, Ky


For all incoming kindergarten students or elementary students who have moved.

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If your child is already enrolled in the 5th or 8th grade at a JCPS school, they will automatically be enrolled in the middle or high school that serves your address. No application is necessary.

To find out what schools serve your address and your resides school, click here to use our School Finder tool.

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JCPS offers a variety of programs for children who will be 4 years old on or before August 1st or turning 3 years old on or before August 1st and have a diagnosed disability or (IEP) for the program year. For the tuition-based program children must be 4 years old on or before August 1st for the program year. These programs are designed to prepare children socially, physically, emotionally, and educationally for elementary school. We offer full-day and half-day program options. Some programs are free to families meeting the income-eligibility requirements, while others are tuition-based.

Early Childhood programs and services include: State-funded Preschool, Tuition-Based Preschool, and Early Childhood Special Services. Although programs differ in class schedules and program funding, all share a common curriculum and common goals. Weekly or bi-weekly themes emphasize meaningful early childhood activities. Ongoing student assessments are used to measure skill development and mastery. The Early Childhood curriculum supports the District’s vision for reading, writing, and mathematics. Home visits and parent conferences are an important part of all Early Childhood programs.

With an emphasis on parent involvement, all Early Childhood classes are designed to make the most of children’s early learning capabilities and to prepare children for Kindergarten.

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The student transfer application may take 15-20 days to process. Approval is not guaranteed. Transportation may not be provided. The student transfer application window for the 2019-2020 school year is Monday, May 6, 2019 through Friday, March 20, 2020.

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Magnet programs that use a lottery selection process have a limited number of seats. The lottery wait list is used when there are more applicants than seats available. Click below for information on where your child is on the magnet lottery wait list.

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To tell us about a new child in family, you can use our Registration system. At this time, we are working to enhance this system to work better for existing families. For now, just register like you are a new family. We will find you in our system during the "Review" step, and update our records with the information you've provided.

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If you recently registered, you should have received an e-mail with links directly to the applications. If you do not have this e-mail, you can log in with your parent portal username and password.

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