Jefferson County Public Schools Louisville, Kentucky

Only schools serving students K-12 may use this page to request records.

If the student is currently enrolled in a JCPS school please contact the current school to obtain a copy of the student’s records or transcript.

If the student is OVER 18 and no longer enrolled in JCPS requests must be made through our online records request system (click here for instructions) or by calling (502) 485-3141 and listening to a recording with detailed instructions. If you need additional assistance, you may call (502) 485-3211 to reach a staff member. This includes colleges, legal entities, and employers needing graduation verification.

If the student is UNDER 18 and no longer enrolled in JCPS please call the Records Room at (502) 485-3213.

My name below constitutes an electronic signature verifying that I am a school employee, that the student has sought to enroll in our school, and my request for records is for the purpose of enrollment or transfer of the student.
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